A Beauty of a Woman

beauty of a woman


“The Circle of Life completes the WOMAN… Or is it the WOMAN who completes the Circle of Life?”

Is there any relation that is complete without a woman in this world?

Give it a thought. She plays a…

Loving mother
Caring sister
Understanding wife
Lovable daughter
Yet understood by none!

Caring and nurturing form an intricate part of a women. They come to her instinctively and naturally. Women are born with a quality of showering love and care to each and every person who is a part of the circle of her life. Every woman’s life is a kaleidoscope of emotions of the diverse characters she plays in her life.

Be it a mother who gives birth and nurtures her child, a sister who shares her childhood days and love with her siblings, a daughter who is willing to fulfil her family’s dreams, a wife who makes every possible effort to bring happiness and joy in her husband’s life, a daughter-in-law who transforms herself into the daughter of her new house to spread the same happiness and love that she once filled her house with-very women is an epitome of unconditional LOVE and CARE.

Her personality is a reflection of the diverse roles she plays in her life. She nourishes each aspect of her life with love, then why is she never understood?

A woman is taken for granted in spite of the unconditional love and affection she showers on her family. The pattern of acceptance of this negativity or say “taken for granted” attitude has reached a point where women have started to accept this negative attitude as their fate.

It is really important for each one of us to believe in ourselves and the strength we hold within ourselves. It is very important for every woman to ….be the woman she always wanted to be.

You may be the unsung “homemaker” or the “high flying career woman”, it doesn’t really matter. What indeed does matter is that…

You are strong and beautiful, loving and compassionate and much more than words could ever say!

You need to believe in the beauty of being a woman because you are a pillar of strength for every one that comes to you.

You play an important role in the success of others that are a part of your life.

Last but not the least you need to believe that your life is not only about your outer beauty and appearances, it is also about your thoughts and ideologies and finally it is about realising who YOU truly are…

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is Make It Happen.

So let us all join hands to show the world the POWER of being a WOMAN.

We, women are the symbol of power…
God’s finest & beautiful creation…
Without whom….creation is impossible!

Let us recognise and appreciate the beauty of being a WOMAN. It is in our hands to make ourselves feel special, beautiful and unique.

It is time we start respecting ourselves and CELEBRATE WOMANHOOD in all its glory. Let us together MAKE IT HAPPEN.

About the author
I am a freelance dietitian based in Dubai. I strongly believe that health is the highest form of self-respect that we can gift ourselves. Besides being a dietitian I am also a NLP certified life coach. In my opinion Health is a state of mind, for most of us are emotional eaters. Our diet is influence by the emotional patterns that our mind has created over a period of time. And if we are to keep ourselves healthy we need to create new healthy neuro-connections in our brain. I strongly endorse a lifestyle change rather than just the usual diet change. A practical and sound nutritional guidance backed by logic and scientific research is a guaranteed way to good health. Read my posts to create healthy neuro-connection. Leaving you with a thought to ponder upon….. Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing. It’s about doing, being, and becoming. It’s about the choices you’ve just made, and the ones you’re about to make, It’s about the things you choose to say – today. It’s about what you’re gonna do after you finish reading this. -Mike Dooley
  1. meerasrajan@gmail.com'

    Hi Beena

    This is a beautiful piece. But I have a slightly different take . A woman is more than a daughter, a mother, a wife or a sister. She is an individual. But those different roles she plays eclipse the real person. You are right when you say that she is taken for granted by everyone.
    Nurturing and caring are not natural to being women. They are traits which are ingrained in us as a part of the socializing process. It is not unnatural for a woman to feel annoyed around children or dislike them, or not want to care for the sick. It is an individual trait and society would like women to have them because it suits the purpose in the sexual division of labor. We are therefore made to feel guilty if we do not exhibit these “feminine traits” . Society tells women what to feel, what to think and how to behave.

    Just as women play an important role in the success of others in her life, I would say that more important is the role that men play in the success of women in their lives. If I am successful today it is because I have the backing of my father and my husband. If it were otherwise they would have been barriers that would have been difficult to scale.

    The beauty of being a woman is to believe in your power and a true man is one who helps his wife or daughter to unleash it.



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