Touched By Life: In Comparison

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Growing up my earlier years may not have compare to Laura Ingalls Wilder and what she wrote about how life was like for her and her family back when they were living in the little house on the prairie  but living through my earlier years had its share of challenges as one never knew what the next day would bring.

If we were to share stories, both would detail the fight to survive against the elements of nature, the narrowing escape from sickness and death, the hard work involved in putting food on the table, how one minute life was peaceful and calm only to later be disrupted by the pains of living around the challenges that come from living and being part of a family.

Who would have dreamed that their lives could be so filled with trauma and drama and that some would live to tell others what it was like enduring each day. Julianne Marguerite didn’t know it then but eventually like Laura Ingalls Wilder did, later in her life she too would pen her words.

Like Laura Ingalls Wilder felt the sting of cold winters, what it meant to be hungry, to feel the shame of not having the good things other children had when going to school, Julianne Marguerite also struggled to make meaning of her life and become who she was meant to be.

Laura Ingalls Wilder knew what it meant to work hard, to work together as a family for the good of each member and did so out of love. Julianne Marguerite was not as lucky as she was surrounded by those who opted to tear apart rather than build up together.  She was surrounded by those who opted to put someone down so they could feel better about themselves.  She grew up in a cut-throat environment that reaped anger, jealousy and resentment   Julianne Marguerite grew up in a loveless family.  She didn’t feel love, love did not grow in her heart and love it seemed was meant for others but not for her.  Love was not shown, it was not taught and she never expected that others would or could love her.

Laura Ingalls Wilder had a creative imagination, was obedient for the most part to her parents, had due respect for her teachers and those in authority, had a healthy sense of right and wrong, and a strong desire to please others and herself.

Julianne Marguerite too had a creative imagination, and this helped her to try to endure trials and get through another day. She strongly obeyed her parents in the home to avoid serious consequences but she did not respect her teachers, those in authority or herself.  She knew what was right and wrong but chose to do what she wanted rather than what she should have outside her parent’s reach and she allowed this deceit to dictate how she would view herself and life and what paths she would take.

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about her life’s experiences to captivate and treasure the memories so that she would not forget where she had been and what it took to get to what she became. She was descriptive in what she penned on paper so that others could share in her journey.   Julianne Marguerite wrote so that she could ease the pains endured as she faced life each day, to open closet doors and make others know and face truths.  She wrote to allow herself to see where she had been and the changes she made to get her to where she was today.  Julianne Marguerite wrote so that others could learn better ways to face forward from bad experiences and rise above shame.  She wrote to remind herself to do better.

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about life, her experiences, challenges, endurance and success. Julianne Marguerite also wrote about life and all that it involved. She overcame unpleasantness and finally was able to realize eventually at some point in her life that she had love to give to others and now could learn to love herself.

Picture Courtesy: Jeff Swan

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Jeanne Claire Probst, Author and Poet, was born and raised in the New England state of Massachusetts, in the U.S.A, (in a small, Norman Rockwell-ish town in the Western portion). She began her slow-starting writing career in her early teen years. She is excited to be fulfilling a life-long dream of writing a novel of which “The Fifteen Houses, a Novel” is her first published work. Experiencing much free time in her retirement years, Jeanne has taken up writing and has just finished the first draft of her second book of the "Houses" Series, “Edith’s Houses.” While in the editing stages, Jeanne has rediscovered her first love, that of writing poetry. Living today amongst the stresses, trials and woes that we all face, has incited Jeanne to create the blog: “Thought and Poem,” and “Thoughts about Bullying and Poem,” which she shares with readers from all over the world on her Facebook Pages: jeanneclaire probst: , A Poem A Day, or The Fifteen Houses, A Novel – By Jeanne Claire Probst. She is also experimenting with her creative abilities and has recently begun writing short stories, of which she hopes many will enjoy. For more information about her book, please visit:

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