The Necessity of Religion

necessity of religion


“Happy New Year!” We shout out to unknown faces in public areas when we gather to usher the first of January.

The smiles and the anticipation of what this year will bring, as we embrace our loved ones, and gulp down a few more sips of that liquid to keep us warm.

First of January is usually spent in bringing back old practices of a routine so that we all can transition back to the “daily grind”

The routine starts, however sadly the world affairs never cease to stop, thus making man bow in disgust over what his brethren are doing. One such ghastly event made the world pause and put their hands over their mouth in sheer shock and disgust was the shooting in Paris. Two masked gunmen forced their way into the office of the French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. They killed 12 people including the editor since it had attracted attention for its depictions of Muhammad. Free speech came under attack by some people who could not stomach the publication.

Looking back in history where similar acts have been repeated just cause some people did not have the appetite to accept something unpleasant when tested. The Ayodhya dispute in the 19th century, which lead to communal riots and loss of property and death of many people irrespective of what caste they belonged. Salman Rushdie was forced into exile when he published Satanic Verses, a book inspired in part by the life of Muhammad.

Sad but facts that make us pause and ponder over our morals in life. Our Knowledge and inventions have gone beyond our planet. We have discovered water on Mars and planning on sending the man with a one-way ticket to that red planet. But, alas we cannot make peace on the place where we breathe!

Even today we hear deaths in the name of religion, and that makes me ponder over one question.


Do we really need religion to have morals in life?

What are Morals?

Men are intelligent souls whose consciousness can help distinguish between right and wrong. This sensibility usually directs and chaperones him in the daily hustle bustle of life where he faces the many challenges, pitfalls, and learned to get up and walk thereafter.

 Sensibility is a vast field, which encircles around a broad range of possibilities that get thrown at us. It is also a field of creativity that allows us to come up with solutions when surrounded by problems. It is a set of intuitions that make us take decisions accordingly. We surround our intentions by our consciousness. Consciousness is about love, peace, imagination, compassion, kindness, and peace of mind.

 The philosophy of morality is ethics. Our Morals actively govern our life, and the life, we lead solely, depends on our actions, reactions, and thoughts.

Who is God?

For those who believe in God, have a fear factor within them, and that makes them perform good deeds or go on a path that is full of morals. God is their anchor, and that helps them shape their way towards a righteous one. This honest route helps them shape a conscientious life for themselves by the decisions they make and perform.

The fear factor from the Almighty helps man to walk the path of truth or morals since that keeps him assured as he accumulates his karma points in the proper container versus committing sins and then repenting later when surrounded by sorrows.

Today Christianity, Hinduism, and Muslims are the most followed and popular religions in the world.

 The God defined is Allah for Muslims, Jesus for Christians, and Krishna for Hindus.

I would like to shout out the philosophy of what Mahatma Gandhi once said, “God has no religion.”

Many people predefined varied beliefs and conceptions of God and have claimed different philosophy for the Almighty’s characteristics, goals, and tactics.

Religion was an exaptation, in other words, that religion evolved as the byproduct of psychological mechanisms that developed for other reasons.

Different values have brought in confusion, disorientation amongst a handful of people living on this planet thus giving rise to terror and anguish.

Morality today

Morality is gradually becoming extinct. We are living in the world of “Me-Myself-Mine”. With the rise of social media, we are becoming like a robot. Constantly hooked to the Internet where feelings and authenticity go missing.

Man wants to live life king size but prefers to get wealth without work, gain knowledge without striving hard for it, become a leader without any sacrifices or make any conscience effort, and wants results the easy way. Integrity is going missing, and people want publicity for everything.

Thus, even though the man is intelligent enough to tread upon a path that can distinguish between right and wrong, he still needs the reminder of a governing force.

This has led to the development of various groups that define themselves as Theists, Deists, and Pantheists.

Theist believes that God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. While deist has the belief that God is the creator, but not the sustainer of the universe, and the burden lies on the people thriving on the planet. Pantheist is of the opinion that God is the universe itself.


 We want a superior force that keeps reminding us of our sheer existence and the reason we are on this planet. Thus, making the statement stand tall and firm, ” We just need God to have morals, thus eliminating the specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices that are niched by a number of people or sects.”

About the author
Ruchira Khanna is a Reiki Master working at Explore Reiki World. Besides, practicing natural healing techniques, she is known in the literary circuit as a versatile writer who likes to experiment with different genres. A biochemist by profession, turned a published author with her novel "Choices". She says, she is "just another soul trying to make a difference in this lifetime", that is indeed true once you get to know more about her work. You will find her penning her thoughts on
  1. Ina Chatterjee - Reply

    Goosebump post Ruchira. Such deep thoughts! “God has no religion” You have given me food for thought for my next post. Thank you. Coming to this post, I too often wonder why we fight at all. Suppose a child is exchanged at birth? Will he ever know if he was Hindu, Muslim or Christian? Our man made concepts are just our blind faith. To quote form the movie PK.. ‘Should we worship the God we made or who made us..?”

    • Thank you Ina.

      Yes, Life is much more than just following a religion. Man is educated enough to make a decision.


    Interesting piece Ruchira. God is different from religion-certainly!! The number of crimes that take place in the name of religion today make you wonder about it.
    With regard to Morality, I would say that it is not something that is constant. Morality changes with culture and time. What might be immoral today might be acceptable a century later. Similarly certain cultures accept certain behaviors as immoral while others do not. Even right and wrong are shades of grey depending on which side you are on. A terrorist for us might be a freedom fighter for someone else.
    But what I am not comfortable with is linking everything to a religious ideology. However if we look deeper we would find that religion might not have anything to do with it. The reasons might lie else where – the political economy for example. Religion is often only a facade. For e.g in the Charlie Hebdo attack there is the question of immigrant communities being involved.
    It is sad that violence today has become a way of life. People must be really frustrated to behave this way. If we want to stop violence we need to look for the root causes and deal with it.


    This was nothing
    Just mumbo Jumbo by some petty amateur

    And god is not different from religion
    he is the source, the foundation as well as goal and destination of religion

    so how can the readers so easily say that god and religion are different.

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