The Imperfect Me

Imperfect me


I am Myself.…and I am fortunate for that. I have never thought about ‘what others will think’. I will rather let them have their experience and their own perceptive mapping of my personality. The person that I will be the most with is my imperfect self. I stood strong without the trapping of validation. My detachment is my acknowledgement without an ownership to anyone. I have never quieted my voice to make someone else feel comfortable. My personality is not a nip, tuck, diet and a facial mask away.

Yes go ahead laugh, second guess, gift me with your snide talks….Yes, I am here to face all your personal and shared insecurities. Be bitter, be jealous, be the first…go reach the summit of your success. Yes…I would rather take it slow as no one awaits for me there. I have known it is beautiful for everyone, wherever you stand. I would see the road and enjoy the journey. I would not be your soothsayer, to nerve you. Yes, you will get like-minded clones to be your ego-feeder. Be a social climber with your pride and schemes.

Tell me what you want to hear, I will not give you a perfect lie, a lip service. I will tell you the truth. I will not try to do anything that is outside of what I am. Living a lie reduces us to one. I would rather put down true words about my feelings than write a ‘sales pitch’ about myself.

I would rather like you to claw me instead of putting smile in your face until your cheeks hurt. This is not a masquerade ball. I do like a honest heart, not a rehearsed script of a life.

Yes, I am flawed and I have lived like one..…I do not pretend to be another person’s honesty. Yes, I talk but not for the sake of talking…..I will stand by myself. Be bias to seek praise that fits you. It makes me sad that in this world we do not allow or wish to see our true vulnerability and humanity. I do not want anybody to look at me and think it is ‘perfect’. Come and have a look at my brokenness, the dark nook and crannies of my life……Yes, it is worn down as I have lived the road and been loved and broken and hurt…..Yes, please cringe or smile whatever you choose…but, this is real me. I will always be me through that tough and bruised road of self-discovery rather than borrowing or buying someone else’s self-projection.

Do fit-out rather than fitting-in…, claim some space for yourself…let all others label you…The imperfect perfection….that is yourself.

About the author
Ritu is one who lives in the no-man's-land halfway between dreams and reality. She scribbles and dabbles in the alchemy of transforming the cynicism of existence into optimism of words as they are better of felt than understood. These words are not pictures of your life, nor they are cryptic or pretentious. She bathes with reality not in silence but through the web of words as she realizes life is only a dialogue of nature.

    Lovely!!! People need to accept each one of us as what we are. We do not have to be what people want us to be.

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