Dance in the Rain: “Getting Wet”

dance in the rain


Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.      

-   Vivian Greene

Ever since I first came across this quote, I fell in love with it. I carry it along no matter where I am going. No matter what I am doing. I tug it to my heart, so close that it can cheer me up when I feel low; soothe me when I am sad; inspire me when I am distracted, and pull me to do a duet when I don’t feel like moving at all.

I love each and every word of the quote. It begins with describing what life is NOT. It is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It is not about avoiding the storm or praying that may there be no storms in our lives. It is not about wasting the raindrops – the beautiful moments that vanish with every breath we take. It is about taking action. It is about keeping calm, playing wise and making the right moves to survive the storm. It is not about hating the storm or hiding from it – it is about not giving up even when you can’t find a way out.

Storms are inevitable – no matter how much we hide. Sometimes, it is important for us to get wet. That is when we must learn to dance in the rain. Why not enjoy the extra challenges that life conspires to throw on us? Step out in the storm and let the rush of raindrops cleanse you from within. Face the harsh winds and let the bad weather bring out the fighter in you. Trust me – it will not be a bad bargain altogether! Sometimes, the tough times tend to guide you towards the whole purpose of your being. It all depends on how we see things. Have you not heard that kites rise against, not with the wind? A little resistance will only help you to rise up, fall again, try hard, fly high, dance gracefully and transform to the tunes of chance.

Ever wondered why it says ‘dance in the rain’ and not walk, run, race or sing in the rain! I will tell you why. Because when you walk, you can’t get your mind off the thoughts that have been troubling you – the baggage slows down your walk till your heart sinks and hope sulks with every step you take. The same happens when you choose to run – you may reach your goal, but you will be tired by the end of it. And if you are not lucky enough – you might quit before you reach the finishing line. Race would be a worse choice. All it fills you with is the spirit of rivalry and the desperate urge to win the game. What if you lose or are not able to give an excellent performance despite all your sincere efforts! We are still left with the option to sing. Singing, no doubt, is a cathartic experience. When you sing effectively, the musical vibrations move through you in a therapeutic manner, altering your emotional and spiritual landscape. However, chances are that your mood dominates over the effect of music and you continue to brood in some gloomy, dark corner of your room, obstinately listening to a track that suits your dull state of mind.

Dance is different. To dance is to de-stress. To dance is to free your spirit. To dance is to dream with your feet. To rediscover your potential. To translate your energies. To dwell in harmony. To celebrate life. Dancing allows you to let go of accumulated emotions and negative energies. It connects you to yourself, to others and to the rhythms of nature. Regardless of age or ability, anyone who is happy can do a step or two on a friend’s wedding. It may not be the fine Argentinean tango, the Viennese waltz, an improvised disco at a dance club or the breath-taking ballet. But most of us would agree that when you are happy, you dance. However, it is the other way round. When you dance, you become happy. Think if it makes sense to you. And it is this realization – to dance in all adverse situations – to be unaffected by the miseries of life, is what we need to learn. I understand that disillusionment, and not dancing is the first thing that comes to our mind when we are stuck in a storm.

That is why we need to learn the art of sailing through rough weathers. Learning to come out of our cocoon and take risks, make blunders, conquer fears and live life to the fullest. Life, on many instances, is about how we respond to difficult situations. We learn to tackle twisted people, fix broken hearts and confront challenges with courage and perseverance. We learn to adapt to changes and address adversities in a way that can speak volumes about our own constitution. While we are in a constant strife to improve, enrich and better our lives each day – wouldn’t it be a nice thought to be thankful for the life we all have.

Stay blessed!

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I live in the world of words. They haunt me, touch me, move me, soothe me and make me what I am. I enjoy weaving articles on various topics – ranging from art criticism to book reviews and relationships to recipes. I hold a doctorate degree in English literature, work as a free lance editor, and conduct creative writing workshops for young learners. Conflicts and contradictions that emerge in human relationships fascinate me to the core; and my writings are often spilled with varied shades of experiences that I find intriguing. I am a fun-loving person blessed with a beautiful family, a bunch of good friends and lot of leisure time to learn languages, read books, write blogs, teach English, appreciate art, experiment cooking, watch movies and stay happy.

    Got conneceted with your lines Prachi…”dance connects you to yourself…”
    Awesome…looking forward for such beautiful thoughts.


    Love the thought, “connecting your self to the rhythm of nature” .This connection exists in every human being. Realizing it is where we need to put some efforts. At that stage every soul will dance itself.

  3. life is worth fighting for b it against our inner ghosts or external forces trying to break us and once v stand for ourselves life surely becomes what it is meant to be.The article is very inspiring.


    950132 78540Yours is really a prime example of informative writing. I believe my students could learn a great deal from your writing style and your content. I might share this write-up with them. 100847

  5. I am thrilled to get such beautiful feedbacks – such encouraging words will stay with me and push me to write better each time. Thank you one and all – for reading and posting your comments.

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