Event Roundup: “Second Spring” by Sandhya Jane

Second Spring written by Sandhya Jane is a story about hope, life and it’s abundance.  Sandhya Jane  is an accomplished writer  with many academic papers to her name and is  a regular contributor to some leading news magazines and newspapers in the sub-continent.  She holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Central Missouri. Sandhya has worked for over two decades in the global corporate environment, including for some of the leading investment banks in US, India, and Hong Kong. She has travelled across the globe on work assignments, giving her a unique look at many cultures and regions. Currently, she lives in Hong Kong with her husband and six-year-old son.

Sandhya recently launched her book Second Spring  in India at Title Waves, Mumbai. The guest of honor at the event was celebrity fashion designer, an activist and politician Shaina NC.

Book launch 1

M&J: When not writing, what can we find you doing?

SJ: Reading and traveling.

2. The first book you may have read.

A fair tale story when I was 5.

3. What would matter to you the most, to see your book as a BESTSELLER or a COPYRIGHT DEAL for a movie? Choose one.

 A Bestseller with a copyright deal.

4. A recent book that you thought you would have written better.

Can Love Happen Twice.

5. A book that you had to put down after the first chapter.

Gone Girl.

6. The time it took you to finish  Second Spring.

One year.

7. Do you like experimenting with genres?

Can’t say…it is too early.

8. Your favourite writer of all times.

Eric Segal and Nicolas Sparks.

Book launch Collage

About the book:

As a smart, successful, thirty-eight-year-old, single mother Avantika seemingly has it all: a great career as a seasoned banking professional, respect and admiration from her peers as an able leader, fulfillment as a mother, and so many other things besides.

What is it then that drives her towards Rohan, a man six years her junior? He’s a man who ideally would not occupy much room in Avantika’s otherwise sorted mind space.

She has told herself she has no time for love. Then, why does she make the choices she makes? Is it the sameness and banality of everyday existence? Is it the emotional vacuüm? A need to relive life? A feeling that life as she is truly lived and felt is passing her by?

However, as she struggles with her feelings, Avantika and Rohan part ways… only to meet again. To what end? Why does Rohan want her back… and why now?

So many questions! Very few answers!

Avantika’s journey is as spiritual as it is emotional. Can love give second chances? Join Avantika in the twists and turns of her story, through her pondering over the mysteries and vagaries of the word “love,” the complexities of human relationships, and the reassessment of all the values she has held dear…