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At the age of 38, I look back at my life and wonder if I have achieved anything remarkable in all these years! The question is disturbing and leaves me in a state of unrest. After all, I have not made any mark in the professional world that I could feel proud of. I am not a doctor or an engineer. I am not any creative designer, a promising actor or an involved social worker for that matter. A banker, a chef – nothing. I am approaching forty and yet have accomplished nothing noteworthy in my life. Alas! Do I have nothing to celebrate? Am I just an ordinary woman?

The thought left me feeling so low that I started to show early signs of depression. I knew I had to get over it somehow. I did not want to die being nothing. And it was then that the life changing thought dawned on me. I could now see clearly who I was!

I was never nothing – never ordinary. A woman never can be so.

We are like mother Yasoda – showering love and affection on our children. Every morning we get up early to make breakfast for them, pack their lunch boxes and spend many a sleepless nights when they fall sick.

We are like Sita – in our ability to sustain all adversities and face them with indomitable strength. Different relationships require different levels of commitment and we women make every effort to understand their needs. We grow up with a set of rules imposed on us – “Don’t wear Jeans. Don’t laugh loudly. Don’t go out at night. Don’t work. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. And we accept them with utmost grace, humility and courage.

Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. In her images and pictures, Laxmi is depicted in female form with four arms and four hands. The four arms represent the four ends of human life: dharma, kama, artha and moksha. We are like the goddess Laxmi when it comes to saving money to buy little pleasures for our loved ones, guiding our life partners with love and righteousness.

We are also like Saraswati – the goddess of knowledge, music and all creative arts. We spend many evenings sitting by the side of our children, helping them with their homeworks, preparing them for examinations and guiding them to pursue their passions.

We can also become avtaars of goddess Durga when it comes to protecting our friends and family. We constantly keep a watch on our children, shielding them from any external danger, any internal injury. We keep reminding them the do’s and don’ts like – “Do not talk to strangers. Don’t go out unguarded. Look right and left before crossing the road.”

Last but not the least we are sati – ready to sacrifice our lives for the loved ones. I would say, in some ways, greater then sati as she dies only for her husband but we are willing to take all hardships upon ourselves for the well being of our entire family. We would not hesitate to give up our lives if it could protect our loved ones from any kind of physical torture, mental threat or an emotional turmoil.

We are performers. We sing lullabies to put our children to sleep; we make funny faces to cheer them up; and we dance along to their tune to celebrate the joys of motherhood. We are so good at multi-tasking – that we can be a cook, a banker and a teacher with seemingly equal ease. We are interior decorators, dress designers and career counselors – all at once. We are the firm pillars on which the happiness of our home rests.

We are like mother earth – the giver and supporter of life.

So next time when someone says that she is just any ordinary woman. Ask her to think again.

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The two magicians at work. They came together to create an amalgamation of photographic brilliance and power of words. This is the essence of Morsels & Juices. Prachi Priyanka is a doctorate in English Literature and also the Editor at Morsels & Juices. Milu Chitrakar Gupta is an amatuer photographer and Co-founder at Morsels & Juices.

    Somewhere deep inside lies this Woman who feels financially not contributing, make her feel low but your article connects and make us feel proud that Yes we are worth more than anything in this world. Good Article!!


    I think no body or lady is ever useless or good for nothing. May be u r a wonderful and great human being ,who cud never think or count your doing for others wellbeing.
    Any how u r great in my eyes. I salute you.

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