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Living in a competitive world and a stressed out environment, health is of prime concern to us. We often hear about the importance of eating right and paying attention to the nutritional aspect of the food that we consume. However, there is no quick fix to meet a good health, going against the popular belief of taking dietary supplements to make up for the loss of nutrients in your daily intake. Being healthy and fit calls for a logical understanding  of the concepts of food chain and its nutritional value.

Some key pointers reiterated:
1. Food is the indeed an essential part of our life. Lack of proper nutrition can lead to many physical defects such as poor eyesight, bad posture and a weak digestive system.

 2. Obesity and weight related issues  are a  major concern as we  are easily tempted towards high calorie diet.

 3. What we eat directly affects our body health, so it becomes all the more necessary to be aware about the calorie content and the nutritional value of the food that we are eating.

 4. There is a definite connection between what we eat and how we think and perform in our day to day chores. This does not mean if we eat a lot of food we’ll be able to think better. Quality and not quantity is what we need to focus on.

 5. With the right kind of food intake with respect to the nutrients, we’ll be able to think better and therefore, perform better. If you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to be aware of the nutritional importance of the foods we eat.

Nature has offered us its bounty in a variety of cereal grains, whole grams, legumes, greens, root tubers, fruits, spices, nuts and oil seeds, fish and fish products, milk and milk products. These are significant contributors to the daily requirements of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, sodium, potassium and essential vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C and D and fiber which is essential for a healthy and strong body. But unfortunately, we are living in a world  hard pressed for time, pushing us toward quick fixes and fast meals, popularly known as ‘fast food’ for the obvious reason, it is FAST.  The nutritional value of the food is highly debatable but these  fast food chains are realizing the growing  need for ‘healthy options’ in their Menu.

Does this mean that living in today’s time is a compromise on health?

No, definitely not. We hold the knowledge to make the right choices. If we find ourselves in a situation when fast food is the only option that we have, we can still afford to make a healthier choice amidst the choices available.  If fast food is the only alternative available in a situation, you still can play smart and be healthy.

When ordering at fast food joints, Make sure to modify your fast food order. Few tips to help you modify the not so healthy choices into healthier one in the best possible way.

1. Never ask for a upsize: super-size fast food eating should be avoided. Eating in moderation is advisable.

 2. High fat and calorie sauces and a big NO: Sauces like ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard and other toppings should be avoided. They are a temptation as they often are part of the meal. Please avoid them.

 3. Request an alteration in your bread: Plain white bread rolls can be replaced for Whole-wheat rolls. An excellent example is when we eat at subway sandwiches, we can choose a multigrain bread over the plain version.

 4. Choose your dressing wisely: Fat free salad dressing –lemon and basil dressing instead of mayonnaise based dressing are a perfect way to toss your salads.

 5. “No cheese no mayonnaise with extra vegetables”, while ordering burgers and grilled sandwiches you can always make special requests.

 6. Sodas should be replaced by water. Water is best ZERO calorie drink.

 7.  Choose grilled over frying wherever possible.

Next time grabbing your food on the go, pause to make the ‘right’ choice.  Be Smart – Be Healthy – Be You!

Be Smart- Healthy

About the author
I am a freelance dietitian based in Dubai. I strongly believe that health is the highest form of self-respect that we can gift ourselves. Besides being a dietitian I am also a NLP certified life coach. In my opinion Health is a state of mind, for most of us are emotional eaters. Our diet is influence by the emotional patterns that our mind has created over a period of time. And if we are to keep ourselves healthy we need to create new healthy neuro-connections in our brain. I strongly endorse a lifestyle change rather than just the usual diet change. A practical and sound nutritional guidance backed by logic and scientific research is a guaranteed way to good health. Read my posts to create healthy neuro-connection. Leaving you with a thought to ponder upon….. Life’s not about expecting, hoping, and wishing. It’s about doing, being, and becoming. It’s about the choices you’ve just made, and the ones you’re about to make, It’s about the things you choose to say – today. It’s about what you’re gonna do after you finish reading this. -Mike Dooley

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