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Summerita Rhayne is a contemporary romance writer who loves to write sensual and emotional romance. There’s no knowing when some quirky – or sometimes even not so quirky – happening in daily life might trigger her right brain and then she’s off craving a new story. She loves writing characters who learn and grow and find their way out of their troubles and emotional hang-ups. Hot, sensual heroes and sassy but sweet heroines mostly fit the bill in her stories. She also believes that a touch of humor never goes amiss in a book.

She divides her time between family, job and writing – and loves winding down with music, movies and the internet! She joins us here to talk about her latest book Unexpected Valentines and much more.

SR: Thank you, Morsels & Juices! I’m excited to be here and so happy to share more about my work and writing.

  1. M&J: You have 2 novels and a collection of short stories to your credit, your stories are laced with sensuality and torrid emotions. What inspires you everyday to pen such passionate love stories?

SR: Honestly, it isn’t something I have thought about – it’s just the way I write. If I had to dissect it…well, torrid or scorching emotions are what make things happen in the world. Look around you, would you even have all the amenities of today if the inventor didn’t have the burning desire to make them? When passion rules our lives, why not have it in love which is the deepest of all human emotions? As far as the explicitness or depiction is concerned, for me it depends on the characters and the story. Yes, in most of my books, the bedroom door is open, so to speak. I write in a very close third person, so it’s important to show everything the character is experiencing, including the sensuality which, of course, is an important part of a romantic relationship.

Not all of my books are ‘hot’. Unexpected Valentines, for instance, is very mild regarding the love scenes.

  1. Are you a die-hard romantic yourself?

What woman isn’t?*laughs* Even men appreciate romance though most are geared not to show it. As for me, I love the gestures that speak of caring which is what romance basically means to me. It doesn’t have to be something grand though, just little things that show you are being thought of. I’m a pile of mush that way. I cry over the endings of rom coms, I even cry reading books sometimes J I’m a staunch believer in happy endings. I don’t think I could write a book without the HEA.

However, in daily life you can’t expect chocolate and roses all the time, so I’m practical too. Luckily, hubby has the knack of getting some of either whenever things get too hectic, so it balances out ;-)

  1. You are a self-published author. Highlight the merits of self-publishing.

The best thing in self publishing is that you can control nearly every aspect of your writing. You determine what goes into your book. You can have greater input in the cover, in formatting even in choosing the avenues of marketing. With electronic publishing, things move a lot faster. You don’t have to wait for months to see your book take shape. A few clicks and a number of hours and that’s it. Your hard work is ready to be put into your readers’ hands. You also get much higher royalties with self publishing, though that also depends on what platform you choose to use to go about it and their conditions.

  1. Describe a typical day in the life of writer Summerita Rhayne.

I wish there was a typical day J Now that the kids are growing up, their routine has become haphazard and so has mine. In general I get up early and check my email. After the morning chores, there’s the day job where I’m teaching so mostly taking classes and giving out test sheets. In between at my break, I write a blog or tweet. On the way back, I read as I commute by bus and don’t have to drive. Then comes writing. Though it is not possible on all days since family demands come first. When I can, I spend time writing and that varies from one to six hours. More difficult and demanding is the editing since that requires more concentration and time. I can write on the go, even on my phone but while editing I need the laptop so I can see the changes that happen on the bigger screen. A chunk of time also has to be found to market the book. So that eats into the writing time as well. In the evening I prefer to watch TV with the kids or chat with them in the kitchen while preparing dinner. If they are free that is. So overall, it’s a very glamour-less routine, I’m afraid  :)

  1. Have you ever encountered a writer’s block? How do you think one can get past it?

For me the problem is not writer’s block but rather getting the right environment to write. I don’t need seclusion but some quietness in essential to let the thoughts take shape into words. The best thing I’ve found when writing stumbles is to take a walk, preferably in the natural surroundings. The colour green has some soothing effect and the sheer pleasure of looking at colourful flowers and butterflies etc. can rejuvenate you in unconscious ways. If that is not possible, read a book. Don’t ever keep on thinking about your work in progress because that kills the enthusiasm. Step away for a bit and the flow will come back to you.

  1. Your new book Unexpected Valentines is a collection of short stories. What can the readers expect from this book?

Just what the subtitles say. These are stories of finding love unexpectedly and will make you believe that love can happen if you let it because the power to circumvent the difficulties lies in you.

There are seven stories, dealing with chance meetings, past calamity, second chances and unwillingness to commit. Some are humorous and light, while others have dark emotional undertones. The last one is a futuristic sci fi. I hope the variety works well together. Out of these, ‘Right or Wrong’ will soon be published with Harper Collins in an anthology.

  1. If you were given an opportunity to make one change in any of your books, which one would it be and why?

Truthfully, I can’t think of anything I’d like to change in any of them. In an ebook, you can edit very easily because all you have to do is upload a new version. But I haven’t changed anything much in my books besides one or two typos. I revise the back pages but that is to add the news of my next book.

  1. Many famous authors throughout history have switched genres and have written under aliases or pen names, has that thought ever crossed your mind?

My books are in different categories or rather subgenres but the main genre is romance. So I don’t think I need to have them under different author names. If I write a murder mystery then I would use a different name to segregate them according to readers’ expectation! I like Summerita Rhayne because it is unique and also fulfils a certain numerological belief I have .

  1. Do you have a work in progress? When does it release?

I’m working on a kind of prequel to historical romance Hidden Passion. This is called The Eligible Princess and it’s the story of Rukmani’s sister. Rukmani is the heroine in Hidden Passion and the youngest of the Kamboj Princesses. The Eligible Princess is the story of Lakshaya who is elder to and very different from effervescent Rukmani. She’s serious minded and loves mathematics and art. The hero is King Kartikeya who wants to marry her for his own reasons. These are such that they cause a wedge between them, attraction nonewithstanding.

The Eligible Princess book will be available for preorder by the end of next month hopefully. Interested readers can have a glimpse of the beginning chapters by subscribing to my newsletter here

  1. If you were given a chance to go back in history and be a character in one of your favorite romance novels, which one will it be and why?

That is so difficult to answer because in every book you live vicariously through the characters and there are so many to choose from! I think I would like to be Elizabeth Bennett because I love the olde worlde atmosphere, the English countryside – and well, most importantly – Darcy. I don’t think I need to explain more!  ;-)

Against All Rules by Summerita Rhayne is  available for FREE on April 19th, 2015. Click on the link below to get your copy.

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