Yes I am Dark and I am Beautiful.



I am Dark, but I am not Weak.

I am Dark but I am not Selfish.

I am Dark, but I am not a Criminal.

I am Dark, but I am not an Alien.

Yes, I am Dark and I am Beautiful.

 Here is where I am born. I will be here, no matter how people behave with me.

Discrimination comes in many forms – Sex, Race, Caste, and Religion. Racism is a much more serious problem, and it’s not just limited to India. All over the world, we hear many incidents. To eradicate it, we’ve got to stop defining beauty based on color.  DARK in color does not end life, though it will try to ruin all your dreams, thanks to the stereotypes. That’s the challenge, People need to face and compete with it. It’s not as easy as driving a car. A lot of courage & patience will be needed in this stereotypical world.

Wheatish & dark complexion are considered as a curse for women as they are valued based on their complexion and beauty while men are judged based on their earning power. Criticisms and taunts start at an early age or should I say from the day 1, when they were born. Unknowingly, their family members start making comparison with their siblings without being known that the kids might experience pain and inferiority complex.

A sweet little girl was born as she opened her eyes to see everybody with a beautiful smile, a weird comment by someone, ‘Ladki to Kaali hai’. Silence for milliseconds, no one reacted. Her future has been decided at that very instant. Known ones usually comment, “Iske liye ladka dhundtei dhundtei Jootei ghiz jaayenge…”

We can’t even imagine how it feels when someone hears such words. She was too small and wouldn’t understand what that immature soul had said about her. But such comments don’t end there; the girl will bear this pain till her final breath. She is not fair, like it’s some crime. And yes, people around her make her feel so.

It is simply insensitive and a caustic feature to see dark skin as inferior.

India’s literacy level has increased by 9.21% in the past 10 years to reach 74.04%, according to provisional data of the year 2011.


The literacy rate is increasing and stereotypical thinking, which needs to be declining, is also increasing.

kanchan mangla art 001

Time has passed, and she entered her teenage life. Her mother does every possible thing to make her skin ‘white’, applying home-made remedies to cosmetic product and what not. All the time, she used to get instructions, “Don’t wear bright colors, does not suit you.” Such things always made her feel inferior and unattractive.

She was lost. She was broken into pieces that can never be fixed with any fevicol or glue. Things will be fine, only if people around her understood what she is going through and made her feel comfortable that she is not unattractive. It’s not her mistake if she is not fair.

But all these things appear good in speeches, stating we don’t discriminate on the basis of color, merits are our main consideration. However, what is hidden in fair skin is what is considered as a high standard. And that’s the harsh truth of today. We as women need to come forward and tell everyone “Don’t Judge Our Beauty based on Our Color”.

Images Courtesy- “Google Images & Kanchan Mangla Art”

About the author
Kanchan works with her father in the family's real estate business. Currently pursuing her final year in Chartered Accountancy, she also holds a Masters in Business Administration. She is a creative soul and applies creativity to all things around her. Loves to dance, sing, cook, and play. She sees life as a god’s gift whatever comes in her way...she accepts, loves and shares it. She says "No matter what happens good or bad… You don’t need to get disheartened…Just believe in yourself and keep trying." She is new to this world of writing but loving it, making small progress each day to live her dream.

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