She was Dark Too!

Jyoti Agarwal


Anyone who is fond of reading in today’s online era will agree that he/she has a favorite blog. Obviously I had one as well. There is a blog I follow from the time when I was in college. I completely adore this blogger. She is witty, funny, intelligent yet grounded. We shared a similar life. When she was in college, I was in the college too. We got married almost at the same time and had babies in a time difference of mere three months. And this is probably the reason I liked her blog even more. I could relate to every post of hers. I felt as if she is my voice. She would fearlessly say things which I always wanted to but never could.

She played a very important role in my life even without realizing it. I knew nothing much about her except from the fact that she resided in Delhi. Not even her name. Although we had never met, I had this image of her in my mind. A tall, fair Delhi girl. She should be beautiful; after all she mentioned in her blog that she received proposals from many boys in her college.

And when we shifted to Delhi, I always thought of meeting her. I would often think of sending her an email asking to meet. I have even decided about a place where we can meet. However, I used to stop myself thinking why she would meet a random stranger just because she adore her blog. What if she says no?

However one day after much hesitance, I finally sent her an email –
“Dear S,

You don’t know me but you are an important part of your life I am an avid follower of your blog for the past 7 years. I have read each of your posts countless times. Your writing influenced me to become the person I am today.

I would like to meet you and say ‘Thank You’ for everything you did for me and probably for several others like me.

If you too would like to meet me, please let me know. We will decide on a meeting place which is convenient for you.
Expecting a ‘yes’

With Love”

Next morning as I logged into my computer, my RSS feed showed there was a new post from her. I hurriedly opened my computer and went on to read her post. It was about a recent holiday she had with her family. And for the first time, she posted a picture of her. There she was ‘a dark-skinned Tamil girl with short curly hair. A hard reality hit my face. This is not what I expected her to be.
This can’t be true. She said, she is from Delhi. She said, many boys liked her. I thought, she was fair and beautiful. She lied in her blog. She cheated me. I was a fool to follow her.

I was struggling with a whirlpool of emotions and that is when my computer’s notification showed ‘one new email’. I went on to open the email, which read:

“Thanks dear for your lovely email. Appreciations from readers like you aspires me to continue writing. You all are very important part of my life and I would love to meet you. Let me know a time and place (of your convenience) where we can meet.


I closed my laptop screen in disgust. As I stood up to move, I saw a reflection of my face on the mirror. A dark woman with curly hair looked back at me. Was I really upset because she was dark or because she was living a great life despite her skin color? I always had a low key life because I thought I don’t fit the crowd here. However, there she was confident, successful, and highly social. She loved herself and in return she was loved by one and all (including me).

She loved herself? Yes, she did. She was very comfortable in her skin. And that is when the reality hit me. You need to love yourself and others will be bound to love yourself back.

The dark woman in the mirror smiled at me. I emailed her back with all the details of the meeting. I indeed need to say her ‘Thank You’


About the author
Jyoti is a writer who hates dogs but loves to write about them! With a worldview on virtually everything, she likes to follow her own unscientific methods of research when the topics demand sitting for long hours and of course, coffee is one of her best friends! An electrical engineer by education and once having been an I.T. engineer, she took her own time choosing what she does the best, i.e. writing. Her experience of numerous trips and long-term residences at a number of countries act as a fermentation agent for writing something as smooth and fluid as an aged neat scotch – something that just leaves a warm sensation when swallowed. Having a knack for digital marketing and communication, she has done justice to various assignments in journalism & PR, editing, website content, creative writing, and building content strategies for online and offline marketing campaigns for various organizations, particularly start-ups. Having worked in verticals including fashion, leisure & travel, lifestyle, medical, finance, software & technology, books and product reviews, she finds herself comfortable writing in various styles as suitable for the subject at hand. You can connect with her at

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