My daughter!



No more was she a papa’s lil girl,
who would smear her water colors on his files;
who would dance like a bird and shy, when papa would clap.

He was so ecstatic the day she was born,
but scared to death if she ever fall.
He knew he was the gifted one ,
when he would see her hiding behind her curly hair.

He hid his tears when she went to school,
and he stayed awake all night, when she left for hostel.
She would call him before her exams,
and he felt proud when she chose to become a journalist.

Hidden were his fears for her safety,
for she was growing,
and so were his worries to find a groom.
Then came a family who said to be modern,
looking for a prospective bride for their only son.

The day was Tuesday, when they decided to meet.
She wore the prettiest dress,
with a lovely orchid on her bun.

She was nervous so was he,
but he knew she was the best,
and things would work.
She would soon go to a new home,
leave him with her memories.

Oh, he would so miss her!
They came and praised the house,
with every minute his heartbeat increased.
The boy was lovely and so polite.
He knew this was the best ally;
finally, she entered with that elegance.
The apple of his eye biting her lips,
a tear came by rolling;
he turned and saw the boy,
who was now blushing.

It was couple made in heaven,
but, no, he was not blushing.
He was getting uncomfortable, discussing with his mother;
then came the reply, “oh she is so Dark!!”
But she is beautiful, he knew that
The best daughter in the world!

Why, but why they left his daughter-teary eyed?
It was their heart that was dark,
and not his daughter,
for he knew she was
the best daughter!!

About the author
An engineer by career and writer by choice, Priyanka Agarwal is mother of two. After her stint in corporate world, with her husband’s support she decided to be a stay-at-home mum and follow her passion of writing. Currently staying in Mumbai, she is an active blogger and writes on varied topic ranging from home-care tips, quick food recipes, baby care to choosing best mobile, rating various apps and tips on taking care of car. Most of her time is spent in teaching slum kids and maids and of course, changing diapers of her baby. She plans to write a book on parenting for new-parents.

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