I am Dark.



I am dark. But I am not only dark.
I am a much more …..& much less than that. Oh yes!
I am a woman no man wants to know. I am the Undiscovered, Undesired woman.
I am a person from whom peoples gaze slides away in malls, shops, at work and restaurants. I am Invisible.
I am the person who gets a lesser pay, a delayed promotion, a rougher treatment& sniggers even. I am Underprivileged.
I am the one who gets hard looks for wearing the colour red or a bright shade of pink lipstick. I face Prejudice.

Your perception of how you should look cannot be imposed upon me.
Your perception of me brings me to this less than fortunate life.
Is it not my right to beseech to your belief system?
Is it not your moral obligation to think of me when you think these thoughts?
Do these things?
When you unthinkingly pronounce a girl beautiful,
When you reach for the whitening cream or a shade lighter foundation,
When you Google home remedies for skin whitening, or make “uptans”.
When you strive for a “clearer Look”,
When you reject a marriage proposal.

I am not dark. I am much more than that. I am not just kaali ( Dark) but the Kali ( Goddess).
I am the colour of the Earth, Rich Chocolate, Golden Honey, what you will. I am Not Dirty.
I am an intelligent, thriving, living, organic being. I am a Complete & Whole Woman.
Even when you don’t look, acknowledge and appreciate. You cannot take that away from me.
I can be your super employee. I challenge you to question that.
I am stronger and better for all that I have faced and braved. You will in time see it shining in me.
And I am a human, not just fair, dark, tall, slim or a fat object of desire or an eye candy.
I am and will be Myself. I do and always will celebrate my Darkness.


About the author
A columnist, a corporate trainer and an amateur food enthusiast! I am a management graduate, mother to a ten year old daughter & in my free time I like to write about social issues. Children and women are the issues I usually catch myself thinking and writing about the most. Soulful writings sustain me!!
  1. It is sad when “society” puts such emphasis on beauty being just an outward appearance. It is true that we don’t “paint” our babies we just give birth to them. (I love this) And oh how much love the mother must have felt when her husband was brave enough to remark among family members that his little girl was “just perfect and that she had his looks and their brains…will always be perfect.” A beautiful ending to an unwanted and selfish comment by the aunt. High Five for DAD!

  2. She Was Dark Too! I really loved how the blogger was able to draw her audience and get them to relater to the words in her blog. The readers did not follow her just because of a picture of her…but because of the warmth of her heart. Will it be “beauty” or “beautiful and warm words?” Warm words won out!

  3. “I am Dark” Good for you. Knowing who you are can go a long way in reaching out to be who you were meant to be and not focusing on what people think you should be. We all come from different walks of life, but we are all human and have the same desires…to be love, happy, and enjoy our life’s journey. Other people who interfere with our paths…can make us stronger and more determined to be ourselves. Don’t let other people’s comments or ideas take control of the real “you.”

  4. Shyamashree Acharya - Reply

    This is so beautiful, so poignant and I can so relate to it. When my beautiful niece was born, there was such a gloom in the hospital first cos she was a girl and secondly she is dark. She was the most precious thing I had set my eyes on and I was so mad and yes, exactly as the little sister of the narrator reacted, I reacted and as long as she was in hospital, I wouldnt let anybody touch her or see her so my sister wouldnt hear those comments. Now I am a mom of two beautiful daughters, they are “chocolate” in color, as my daughter says and I wouldnt want it in any other way!

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