Black is Beautiful



“Why don’t you apply a paste of split red lentils and milk on her? It works!”

“Give her pomegranate juice regularly or massage with olive oil. It’s too good!”

These were some home remedies suggested by my relatives when they would see one of my daughters as not-so-fair in complexion. The continuous pressure had overruled my rational thinking of not comparing my two daughters instead accepting them the way they are. I applied the paste of split red lentils and found rashes all over her body. The pomegranate juice tasted bitter to the two years old resulting in throwing up leading to a feeling of discontent in the mother. The olive oil too didn’t work wonders for her. As time passed by, I found her getting smarter with time. Her best friend is her elder sister, referred to as her second Mom. Getting closer to her elder sister, she picked up great knowledge comparing her age and when I would see that, I would feel ashamed of my thoughts of comparing this beautiful thing with her sister on the basis of complexion. It doesn’t sound good, but it’s the fact that when a girl is born in our country, the first thing people want to know of is the health of the baby (read: the complexion). It’s not the case with the boys though; they are welcomed with open arms, with huge pomp and show. This results in extreme pressure over the mothers. I was one of them. The other day I was watching Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom. Her acting left an imprint on my mind. This girl made all Indians proud in the year 2000 by winning the crown of Miss World. Had her mother thought that she can’t make it to the pageant forget about winning it, am sure, she would have been just another working woman or a house wife today. Mothers play an important role in every child’s life. They have the potential to recognize their children’s hidden talent and groom them towards their field of interest. My four year old fairy loves doing puppet shows and narrates her stories. Perhaps, she’s creative. She is also a great dancer and loves doing those dance moves on peppy Bollywood numbers. Does she have an affinity towards dance? The other day I also found her designing her Barbie’s dress. Would she be a Fashion Designer? She makes beautiful cards for her Mommy. Umm..I guess she would be an artist when she grows up!! Or wait, let me also tell you, she loves stage. She enjoys talking about her favorite book in her “Show and Tell” activities in school. Does it relate to being an author or an orator? Man!! I have a girl who’s multi-talented. These qualities are lying deep within her, deep within that dark skin that covers her body. That spark that lies within makes her glow as the brightest star. I thank the Almighty every day for gifting this beautiful thing in my life, which grows beautiful with time as I nurture her with love and care.

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A Teacher by profession and a writer by passion Aastha is an avid writer when it comes to penning down emotions. Born in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, she moved on to pursue her BA in English Literature, from Banaras Hindu University. She always had that flair for writing and has contributed her articles to "learningandcreativity" and "cafe' dissensus" along with Morsels and Juices. She is a passionate homemaker and is currently living with her family in Mumbai, India.

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