Words and Woman



Words are not enough,

For I have been quiet

For a long time.

Lying in heaps

I kept silent

Because I did not know

Alphabets and phonemes

But I have labored

For ages, sweating and learning

And now I know them all

Know them by heart

And so I also know

Words are not enough.

Mother, goddess, ‘Shakti’

These are my epithets

But they are not sufficient

Incoherent and fragmentary

I am more

I am endless.

I am a laborer and a lover,

Innocent and cunning

Pure and corrupt

A lioness and a vixen

I could be a maid or a lady.

But again these are just words

I am more

I am endless

Flesh and bone

I am human.


About the author
Anisha Singh holds a Masters in English literature and is apoet, writer and blogger. She has published short stories and poems in different anthologies. She has loved reading since she learned her alphabets and believes that time spent reading is time spent in heaven. She has a desire to travel and when she can't travel she quenches the thirst by still more reading. Having a positive outlook to life she believes that no hurdle is unconquerable. Writing is a passion for her and she believes that her writing helps express her true self. Through her writing she wishes to question the labels that the world puts around indiscriminately on women and men. To read more of her writings visit her blog https://thebrokeninkpot.wordpress.com/

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