Some words are like a cool spring
that to the weary mind a retreat it can bring!
The spells solicitous
can seep through mind’s portal
soothing it’s aching corners
with softness of a petal!
an aid to the bleeding heart
that in hurt oozes pain
of molten lava, spewed
like plumes of pounding flames!
But soulful words, a coolant
solidifying it as crystal rinds
in splendid colours,
a motif in life’s canvas
as they merge
with tears that in pain surge
painting the translucent drops as hues of joy
as from the palette of your heart,
the pleasant shades you employ!

A word of compassion,
a hymn that God in mirth listens
as from the depth of the soul, it prevails
Pure & reviving like the
Pellets of s cumulonimbus clouds hail!

as each uttered can the loading misery
of a brethren lessen
Then know not why
some use them to instil pain
that pricks like needles
as they rain!

pearls rolling from lips
a resonate of
thoughts positive,
& deeds virtuous
proliferates ubiquitously
every nook, giving
mellow glow to
halo of saints
& corona of celestial reigns,
an luminous orbit that
the earth gratefully sails!

About the author
Meenakshi has a beautiful family that cocoons her in their love & understanding. She is passionate about writing & painting. She keeps her private space well-guarded and describes herself as a "reserved person". Almost taciturn in nature, much inclined to silence; weaving her emotions into words through her poetry. Loves to always poetize the beautiful moments life has to offer, observations and experiences that has moulded her as who she is today.

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