Unrequited Love

unrequited love



My figment weaves
a cocoon,
trying to enclose you too.
Not having found you,
I try
to find answers to questions,
which I
have at last become aware of.
For you,
my beloved, have become the question of
my life,
as I try to strike a bargain
asking not
for what never can be mine,
for asking,
or for the begging;
as I
try to part forever,
without turning
the searing red-hot knife
of separation
into my own entrails,
when I
succumb to the temptation
of wallowing
in the luxury of self-pity.
My eyes
stung with the smoke of self-doubt
stop dreaming.
All dreams having died today.
I wish
this flood of grief would
deluge all,
purging my sick world of
false hopes
of snatching you from the
cruel clutches
of fate to make you
my destiny;
for neither life nor you
have answers
to my questions. When
and if
someone finds them,
I will
be as old as the hills.

About the author
In love with life, I am a retired gynaecologist and have always wanted to be a writer but there never was time; I loved reading but there never was time. A busy career and three children kept me away from myself. Even then I would steal moments and write, off and on. Many of my poems and stories are inspired by my patient's lives particularly one who was an actress. I have been closely associated with Mother Teresa's home and other social welfare institutions at Jalandhar, Punjab. I've been President, Lioness club, Jal. and was one of the two women in Asia to be awarded by International President of The Lions Club International in recognition of work done for women's welfare. I also was on the advisory board of A.I.R. & Doordarshan, Jalandhar and chairperson of several social and cultural organisations. I enjoy Sufi music, Gurbani, & Indian classical music. Have won many awards for theatre and oratory. Now 69, I finally got over my technophobia and am learning to operate this laptop by a hit & miss method, almost independently. I'm enjoying every bit as I've found this platform for sharing my writings. I also enjoy cooking and embroidery. Off and on I try my hand at sketching too. I'm sure to enjoy my love affair with Morsels & juices and savour each flavour and colour. Wish me all joy and fun.
  1. nutansarawagi55@gmail.com'

    Congratulations Sunil …I am so happy for you ! I love everything you write , dote on your every word , your fan for life ! May you get all the success you deserve !

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