To Acceptance



Acceptance, a silver lining of hope
Shines on the overcast sky of anonymity.
Acceptance tumbles up like bubbles,
Floating on the thick broth of negation.Hope is the new dream of salvation
We hug tight, like golden leaves
Falling before the snow.

We are all worn off branches,
Old skeletons hanging in cold streets.

So long, death!
Do leave us, clinging to a new life,
Do let the light of dawn,
Enter our rooms as kindly visitors.

Acceptance is the Fairy Godmother waving her magic wand,
We follow her, with tailor-made clothes, smiles and steps
With custom-made music and melodies
To the wishes of warmer times.

I drift away from this room,
Away from the last corpse of rejected mess,
I drift away, acceptance is my winged chariot,
I hop and skip my failed, belittled days,
I soar, I sparkle, I am one
With the lilac and honeysuckle of Hope.

About the author
Lopa Banerjee has completed her masters’ in Creative Nonfiction Writing and a graduate certificate in Advanced Writing at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She also has a background in literature and journalism while in India. She has written a book-length memoir and also a poetry collection. She is a regular contributor to 'Cafe Dissensus' and B’ Her poetry, essays, stories and book reviews have also appeared at 'Fine Lines', 'About Place' journal', ‘Prairie Fire’, 'Northeast Review', ‘Indian Review’, ‘River Poets Journal’, ’13th Floor Magazine’, ‘The Mind Creative’ and 'Incredible Women of India'.

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