The heavy lids
holds with in
a simmering cauldron of
profound emotions,
that haze my lashes
as they brim to the rim
of my glazed eyes,
glistening with
priceless droplets
that reflect my
feelings unknown
as they spill over!
And my heart lightens
to a soothing solace
now tuning notes of
soft melodies-
‘a joyous melancholy’
…the music of my soul!
as my tears, they glide
pulls my heart’s string
subtle & slow
ennobling solitude
In encompassing rhythm !

About the author
Meenakshi has a beautiful family that cocoons her in their love & understanding. She is passionate about writing & painting. She keeps her private space well-guarded and describes herself as a "reserved person". Almost taciturn in nature, much inclined to silence; weaving her emotions into words through her poetry. Loves to always poetize the beautiful moments life has to offer, observations and experiences that has moulded her as who she is today.

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