Phoenix Flight


The Phoenix exists in every woman when she awakens to the reality of life as the feminine. She is the soul for whom many have prejudiced abhorrence even prior to conception, opposition to the very life force pulsating within that beautiful creation. If she survives, she is expected to nurture life itself without any right to speak or act. These writings are born out of the stilled voices of many, yet when the truth dawns in her consciousness and freedom seems within her grasp, that voice gives vent to frenzied emotions that speak of suppression turned to resurrection, deathly existence into a fragrant blooming of womanhood and stifled screams of agony echoing to become the united voice of my many sisters , daughters, and mothers who choose to rise as the Phoenix out of the ashes of yesterday’s woman.

Has the time come when she must kill her?
choking all that reeks of her weak, obsessed mind,
infested with crawling maggots of longing
that sap her of all strength.Should she disown her mangled corpse,
rotting in the wilderness called ‘womanhood’
Having suffered it all
in fulfilling needs of the flesh
now turn towards her bruised soul;
remould the decaying remains,
and carve a new vision
of the woman of substance
who yearns not to hear, from other lips
tender words of love and caring.Instead,  within herself  be so fulfilled
as to sublimate her very existence.
Crucified a million times,
burnt at the stake as many times,
reduced to ashes,
she grows new wings.

Glorified, liberated, empowered,
at long last.
Showering her infinite wealth,
The goddess of abundance and prosperity
free to soar
on her phoenix flight.


About the author
In love with life, I am a retired gynaecologist and have always wanted to be a writer but there never was time; I loved reading but there never was time. A busy career and three children kept me away from myself. Even then I would steal moments and write, off and on. Many of my poems and stories are inspired by my patient's lives particularly one who was an actress. I have been closely associated with Mother Teresa's home and other social welfare institutions at Jalandhar, Punjab. I've been President, Lioness club, Jal. and was one of the two women in Asia to be awarded by International President of The Lions Club International in recognition of work done for women's welfare. I also was on the advisory board of A.I.R. & Doordarshan, Jalandhar and chairperson of several social and cultural organisations. I enjoy Sufi music, Gurbani, & Indian classical music. Have won many awards for theatre and oratory. Now 69, I finally got over my technophobia and am learning to operate this laptop by a hit & miss method, almost independently. I'm enjoying every bit as I've found this platform for sharing my writings. I also enjoy cooking and embroidery. Off and on I try my hand at sketching too. I'm sure to enjoy my love affair with Morsels & juices and savour each flavour and colour. Wish me all joy and fun.

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