Make It Happen

Let's make it happen


They say I am weak, they say I am small,
They say I belong to a category call Woman,
They say they are right, I know them to be wrong,
I stand tall and embrace just like a Banyan,
I don’t want to be like them, Its a blessing to be me,
It’s a fight, But our struggle has just begun,
Dig your heels deep, stand your ground
Only you can Make it Happen.

When our existence,
People around us shun,
Being taken for granted is never fun,
We stand tall, We never run,
We fight, We prove that we are ,
The whole world again we stun,
Your spirit is your guide,
Only you can make it Happen.

Its they way we are,
Virtue and Vigor we are tons,
Trying to empower strength,
They’d come undone,
Remember who you are,
They can stop none,
It can never be anyone else
Only You can make it happen

About the author
Jaibala Rao is a Writer and a Poet whose life revolves around the people she loves, her family, her friends and her toddler. Having been reading since the moment she learnt the alphabets, stories have given her many adventures. Every moment fascinates her and she believes there is something good in everything. When she writes she tries to write about a moment or an emotion, a story that caught her attention. She draws inspiration from everything around her and tries to put forth her opinion. She has just taken a tiny step into the writing world, by writing on her blog ( and online magazines

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