Eternal Trance



Amidst the ephemeral misty clouds
While the lambent moon coruscate its glow
Vintage era of the millenium was the moment
When the Cupid shot its bow!!
In the dark lanes of Jack frost
Pass-by a tantalizing vague face
Leaving behind a phantasmal tail
For my mind to trace.
Zeal in the air and smell on my skin
Envisage the feel
Of my first love again!
Across the glint of your angelic eyes
A pantomime plays
Vivid peppy fantasies of our future days.
Your alluring silhouette portrays
The glitters of an Obsidian sea
A flagrant shadow to soothe
A tempting desire consume me.
Before the Twilight,
Our whimsical dreams came real in a glance
The muses of our naive love-story
Danced in eternal trance…. 

About the author
Shonali Dey is a student by her choice, teacher cum counsellor by profession and a Writer/ Poet by passion with her ardent love towards literature. Born and brought up in the City of Dreams but that never sleeps- Mumbai, India. Though pursuing her Bachelors in Microbiology, she finds her zest in penning down short stories, poems and couplets. Her recent poetry books include "The Essence of Eternal Happiness"- An International Anthology, "When Cupid Struck Its Arrow." Her works have been published in various anthologies and e-magazines too. To wind up in short, she wants to explore herself in different horizons of life through the power of her mighty Quill.

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