Aruna Shaunbag

Aruna Shanbaug


Do not know, whether
this innocent flower,
bloomed to serve the ailing
was wronged because
of the wrongs of the past.
If so, can not the law of grace & forgiveness
obliterate the law of cause & effect?
& give this drooping flower,
withering in silence & pain
eternal rest & perpetual peace?
For, it has endured enough storms
which in it’s heartless course
has plucked away
the delicate petals soft & endearing
one by one to it’s savage swirls
leaving this once sweet blossom
just a pedicel, putrid & numb!
the law verdicts her to exist
ironically devoid of life
that’s sans vibrance, sans fragrance
Whilst the brutal storm that crushed the bloom
has settled calm,
With no trace of stigma, shame nor guilt
eclipsing the sun of hope
from illuminating this moon, splendorous
now waning in distress !

About the author
Meenakshi has a beautiful family that cocoons her in their love & understanding. She is passionate about writing & painting. She keeps her private space well-guarded and describes herself as a "reserved person". Almost taciturn in nature, much inclined to silence; weaving her emotions into words through her poetry. Loves to always poetize the beautiful moments life has to offer, observations and experiences that has moulded her as who she is today.

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