A Room of One’s Own…

freedom of a woman


She needs some air

To breathe in..

She needs a society

Free from limitations.

She doesn’t want to be worshiped

She just wants to be treated as human

She doesn’t want to look pretty

Has no inclination to run after shiny faces.


She needs ‘a room of one’s own’

Where she can be herself

Can cry her heart out can laugh her heart out

Where she can be oblivion to the noise..

Where she doesn’t need to care that

She is the “SHE”.


She needs ‘a room of one’s own’

Where she need not to struggle

To please faces around her.

Where she is not brought up

Just to be an ideal daughter and an an ideal wife.


She needs a world where

The sense of honor is not attached to her

Where her purity doesn’t lie in her chastity…

She needs an Adam

Who lost the paradise willingly for Eve..

She needs a Lakshman

Who out ot reverence  looked only at Sita’s feet….

She needs ‘a room of one’s own.’


About the author
I am a graduate in English Literature from Delhi university. I find complete solace in reading and writing. It often helps me to purge my overwhelming emotions. It gives me a voice, strengthens my inner will. Its almost a meditation for me.

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