A Personal Affair

estranged couple


Yes, I kept a secret
And yes I lied
But I wanted to be honest
I swear I tried.
You see, it’s not easy
To juggle all these roles.

I have been trying hard
To cover all these holes.
I have been trying to talk
But you don’t seem to listen
And slowly, very slowly
There has come a wide division.

You may want to work on it
And you may want to talk
But you have already lost
The key to my heart’s lock.
See, I never needed flowers
And I never asked for pearls
And neither your little parties
And nor your palace walls.

All I wanted was a patient listener
And a companion to walk with
An evening stroll by the river
And a kindred spirit to talk with.
It’s all over now
My dreams and your desire
Let’s just accept it
Relationships do expire.


About the author
Anisha Singh holds a Masters in English literature and is apoet, writer and blogger. She has published short stories and poems in different anthologies. She has loved reading since she learned her alphabets and believes that time spent reading is time spent in heaven. She has a desire to travel and when she can't travel she quenches the thirst by still more reading. Having a positive outlook to life she believes that no hurdle is unconquerable. Writing is a passion for her and she believes that her writing helps express her true self. Through her writing she wishes to question the labels that the world puts around indiscriminately on women and men. To read more of her writings visit her blog https://thebrokeninkpot.wordpress.com/
    1. Such a true to life poem and in such simple everyday language, it could be anyone’s story. Enjoyed it a lot.

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