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It is a known fact that the way we are brought up can have a great bearing on choices we make later in our lives. It is not an excuse, but what we do may be based on what we have been around and taught. For Julianne Marguerite, having been raised in and around a dysfunctional family, the beginning traumatic events that transpired because of such environment in the earlier part of her life certainly had an enormous impact on choices she made then and in her future.

Even when children see things that their parents have done or are doing, right or wrong, they are impressed upon to think that what they see is “okay” or “normal.” Yet inwardly, a child has a feeling that tends to come naturally and they just know when something is not right.

Julianne Marguerite was such a child, she knew way back then something was very wrong with what she saw. Growing up around an alcoholic and abusive father, a mother who could not express her love to her husband and children and living around the secrets stemming from their part in a wife-swapping web, all these would result in various types of abuses that go along with this type of lifestyle and it does tend to make life confusing for children who are reared around such, like it or not, right or wrong.

Despite the everyday drama of her early years, it came to a point when Julianne Marguerite decided that she did not have to continue in such a routine. Braving the fear of what was unknown; she left home at twenty-four to escape the chains of her parent’s control and sought to find and make a life of her own. One, where she would decide what was right and wrong and it would be different than all that she had already experienced in her young life. She was embarking on a new beginning, and she knew that a better life was outside the walls of her parent’s home and she was going to let her heart guide her to where it would lead her. The love she had stored up all these years that she could not share with her parents and some of her siblings would find a new home and she would find new people to gift this love to.

As you would guess, Julianne Marguerite made mistakes of her own. There were trials and errors that added to the scars still festering from old wounds. And for a large part, there would be consequences that she would have to bear for the choices she had made.

One of these choices centered on her thoughts about what “love” was and how it was expressed. Not long after leaving home, Julianne Marguerite learned that “sex” was NOT “love.” Sex was an expression shared with someone but it did not necessarily mean you were being “loved.” Love was something that should linger long after the sexual desires have cooled.

Julianne Marguerite knew what she wanted as a result of finding true love. She wanted a lasting friendship, one that not only took from her, but also gave to her. This love would weather any storms that would come their way in the relationship and endured all things they would face. All that they did would be for the goal of staying together, making a life together and loving each other until in death they did part.

Love did not use ugly words, play mind games, cheat, and lie, steal or abuse those around them. It was not evil, hateful and something that was to be taken lightly by having an affair with someone else when one is married to their mate. Love does not control others, and make them feel ashamed when they try to express love themselves.

It did not take Julianne Marguerite too long to learn when she was out on her own that love was like a river that flowed from her heart that would allow her to grow with her experiences and helped her make choices that allowed her to follow her dreams. This love would help her face forward and blossom into the kind of person she wanted to be…the one she wanted to be was…Julianne Marguerite.

About the author
Jeanne Claire Probst, Author and Poet, was born and raised in the New England state of Massachusetts, in the U.S.A, (in a small, Norman Rockwell-ish town in the Western portion). She began her slow-starting writing career in her early teen years. She is excited to be fulfilling a life-long dream of writing a novel of which “The Fifteen Houses, a Novel” is her first published work. Experiencing much free time in her retirement years, Jeanne has taken up writing and has just finished the first draft of her second book of the "Houses" Series, “Edith’s Houses.” While in the editing stages, Jeanne has rediscovered her first love, that of writing poetry. Living today amongst the stresses, trials and woes that we all face, has incited Jeanne to create the blog: “Thought and Poem,” and “Thoughts about Bullying and Poem,” which she shares with readers from all over the world on her Facebook Pages: jeanneclaire probst: , A Poem A Day, or The Fifteen Houses, A Novel – By Jeanne Claire Probst. She is also experimenting with her creative abilities and has recently begun writing short stories, of which she hopes many will enjoy. For more information about her book, please visit:
  1. Beautiful expression of a journey towards finding the self. Your writings reflect the beautiful human being you are.


    Thank you Anisha Singh for your comment. A person never knows what will inspire growth and it is nice to know that we can survive situations that we once had no control over. Knowing who you are and what you want out of life can go a long way toward the journey of finding yourself…and at the same time know you might be helping someone else. Life can be interesting if we open the eyes of our hearts and minds.

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