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Jyoti is a writer who hates dogs but loves to write about them! With a worldview on virtually everything, she likes to follow her own unscientific methods of research when the topics demand sitting for long hours and of course, coffee is one of her best friends! An electrical engineer by education and once having been an I.T. engineer, she took her own time choosing what she does the best, i.e. writing. Her experience of numerous trips and long-term residences at a number of countries act as a fermentation agent for writing something as smooth and fluid as an aged neat scotch – something that just leaves a warm sensation when swallowed. Having a knack for digital marketing and communication, she has done justice to various assignments in journalism & PR, editing, website content, creative writing, and building content strategies for online and offline marketing campaigns for various organizations, particularly start-ups. Having worked in verticals including fashion, leisure & travel, lifestyle, medical, finance, software & technology, books and product reviews, she finds herself comfortable writing in various styles as suitable for the subject at hand. You can connect with her at