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Jonali Karmakar is a fiction writer and editor with a Masters in English. Writing is not just her passion but her way of dealing with life. She loves being able to escape into the worlds she creates. Everything that she writes becomes a part of her and she wants her readers to know the woman behind those words. She published her first poem while still in High School. Her short stories have found their place in several anthologies. Before turning to writing full time she looked after one of their many family businesses and prior to that she worked as a Medical Transcriptionist. She has been associated with a cause where she taught English to underprivileged kids. Currently she spends most of her time writing and when she isn't doing that, she's either painting or keeping a keen eye on the stock market. She is an avid reader and loves flipping pages of anything and everything on the table. She feels that reading and writing are the flip sides of the same coin. Writing is her way of communicating with the world.