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Dhara Kothari is the founder of Katha Kosa, a venture to promote story telling. Katha Kosa is aimed at reviving the art of storytelling for all age groups and to maintain the oral tradition of passing on culture, tradition and history through stories. Dhara is also the co-founder of Spiritual Lounge, a global spiritual group to promote true spirituality and is a spiritual counsellor as well. She lives in Mumbai, India and is passionate about books and writing. She was born with curiosity, which led her to self-awareness and onto the blissful path to the end. Meanwhile, she is a professional writer, storyteller, game inventor and practising acupressurist. This spunky Sagittarian is as creative and interesting as one can get.To learn more about Dhara visit and
description of a soul

Description of the Soul


This is not all about philosophy or plain spiritualism but about science. When the understanding increases and answers are found, puzzles that eluded us become recognizable. The spiritualism merges with... Read More