About Us

Morsels & Juices was conceived as a dialogue to provide fresh perspective to women-centric issues and to create a community of amateur women writers so that they could voice their opinion on a global platform. The name of the website could easily be mistaken for a culinary or a food blogging site, and you may not be entirely wrong. Yes, we have propogated it as a curious culinary portal providing food for thought delivered by an overflow of creative juices and thus compiling a great recipe for both the mind and the soul.
We encourage aspiring women writers and published authors to interact on the same platform. The published authors inspire, motivate and silently mentor the young writers with their published work. We encourage diversity and welcome writers from different countries with fresh perspectives, dissenting thoughts, and experimental writing styles to showcase their work on our website. We, in turn promote your compositions through social media to create new readership for you. We wish to be the voice to your thoughts. Join us today let yourself be heard.

To Contribute

Go to “Sign Up.”

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Submission Guidelines:

If you are an amateur writer, we assist you with our editing services; please allow us 7-8 working days to get your work published. In some cases, we may have to return your work for reconsideration, if it does not live up to our standards.

Do follow our submission guidelines.

Our Offerings

There are two aspects to us:

Blogging: Be our content contributor.

The contents on the portal are designed to fall into five neat channels.

Tea Room : allows us to talk about the woes of single parenting to marital rape; women in STEM to glass ceiling in the corporate world; politics as we see it to raising our kids in a competitive world.

Lean Bean : for our family;

Soul Curry: share your spiritual experience or journey.

Chocolat, talks to us about, love, romance and relationships. Finally.

Mixing Bowl: a potpourri of creative expressions – photo-story, book reviews, creative non-fiction.

Creme Fresh: poetry for the soul.

Services: Get published.

Publishing is a 3 step process, Pre-publishing, Publishing and Post Publishing. Each step needs experience, precision and execution. For details, visit M&J Services.

If you wish to join our services team as a proof reader, manuscript editor or a content writer, do write to us at feedback@morselsandjuices.com.

Morsels & Juices is a community of women writers; learning, writing and growing together.